How to bring the country style into your kitchen

While the country design style is in no way fresh or groundbreaking, it has certainly been enjoying renewed popularity with seemingly everyone scrambling to give their homes, especially kitchens, some country charm in one way or another. Fortunately, there exists more than one way to bring that coveted country feel straight into your home’s heart – and we’ve narrowed them down to 7 as recommended by some of the busiest professional Interior Designers and Decorators

1. Pick your colour palette carefully

Forget about the timeless elegance of whites and creams, for a true country kitchen likes playing with both neutrals and bights. Sure, you can opt for a dominant palette of off-whites or greys to make your kitchen look more spacious, but for real style and personality you’re going to have to bring in some warm reds, charming yellows, tranquil greens, or a combination of other equally inviting tints for your walls, cabinets, and furnishings / accessories.

2. Choose the right flooring

A practical and hardwearing flagstone floor would have been the no. 1 option for a working kitchen many moons ago. But in modern times we have a bit more flexibility such as terracotta tiles and wooden floors (in particular reclaimed flooring) that also bring in a certain amount of rustic charm.

3. Bring in patterns for interest

What patterns conjure up visions of a country setting to you? Plaid? Florals or farm animals? Be sure to let some charming motifs loose on a few surfaces in your country kitchen such as the window treatment, your upholstered island stools, etc.

In addition, think about your choice of cookware and tableware. Depending on their style and colour, they can also help to create a cohesive scheme in your kitchen, like those premium quality and oh-so vibrant items available from Le Creuset

4. Add some antique charm

Of course a country kitchen can also flaunt a generous amount of modern charm, but should you want to go the more antique route, commit to pieces that will give it a traditional, lived-in look.

How about replacing those dining table and -chairs with a pre-owned set made from rustic materials (like timber)? Or sprinkle some charming ornaments around the space? Consider ceramic holders for your coffees and teas, a vintage bread bin, a retro utensil holder, a farmhouse chicken wire basket, a rustic kitchen sign, etc.

5. Trust traditional appliances

While it’s not necessary to replace all your kitchen appliances with more traditional designs, it can help enhance that authentic country look you’re after. And if your smaller appliances are already past their best, then how about a great set of retro kitchen appliances in soft pastel tones? Imagine a retro-style Smeg toaster on the corner counter, or a standing mixer out in the open showing everyone that you mean business when it comes to whipping up baked goods. After all, country kitchens are just as much about cooking and baking as they are about socialising!

6. Mix and match!

Your country kitchen doesn’t need to look flawless. In fact, it looks and feels better and homelier when things do not match or line up perfectly.

Mix and match a little bit in your country kitchen. For instance, have four different chairs around your dining table (which you can easily pick up at a junk yard or flea market if you’re going the second-hand route). Or choose different hardware and handles for your cabinets and drawers to add a carefree, effortless feel.

7. Display them proudly

A traditional country kitchen does not flaunt a less-is-more look. In fact, it doesn’t go out of its way to remain pristine and clutter free and is rather proud of all those cute tea towels and crockery pieces proudly on display.

Consider adding glass doors to your cabinets to show off what you would normally keep hidden. Put out a handful more of accessories and/or appliances to fill up some counter space, but be sure to leave adequate legroom open for when you actually need to do some work in your kitchen. And maybe hang up a hook or three where you can hang those oven gloves, apron, and other colourful textiles.

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